Tokyo recycles mobiles to medals for the 2020 Olympic Games (Chinese version only)
The light of hope for emergency aid – 2-in-1 Solar lantern and phone charger (Chinese version only)
Smart Phone – The unavoidable pollution and waste in 21 century? (Chinese version only)
Volunteers rescue leftovers from banquet and parties
The World's most intelligent smart building: The Edge in Amsterdam
Carbon Farming – A type of farm aims to grow solution for climate change (Chinese version only)
Smart Fridge and Menu Planning help to reduce food waste (Chinese version only)
Robots spots out high resilient crops to solve food security under climate change (Chinese version only)
Low-tech setup from Egypt helps “plant killers” to water when they are away (Chinese version only)
Recyclable helmet for bike share (Chinese version only)
London and Paris launches real-world air quality vehicle tracker (Chinese version only)
Solar dehydrator turning seaweed “waste” to nutrients (Chinese version only)
bamboo up-cycled food packaging is invented in Thailand (Chinese version only)
Virtual Reality (VR) could an help us feel the pain of climate change (Chinese version only)
Edible biodegradable plastic bag (Chinese version only)
Eco-alternative of cling film all starts from children's lunchbox (Chinese version only)
Café in UK “up-cycled” food waste onto the plate (Chinese version only)
World's first mall for repaired and recycled goods opened in Sweden
Playground made from upcycled materials
Sanitary napkins and nappies turned into fuel (Chinese version only)
Hybrid wind and solar powered street lamp (Chinese version only)
Affordable Bacteria-powered paper battery (Chinese version only)
Upcycling workshop in Israel trains new skill to former sex workers (Chinese version only)
Smog fighter Anti-pollution scarf from French startup (Chinese version only)
Use "Good-as-new Notes" as red pocket money in Lunar New Year (Chinese version only)
Creative ways to promote green message, fun events to engage communities (Chinese version only)
HongKongers invented climate change theme card game, crowdfunding HKD$100,000 in 6 days (Chinese version only)
Netherlands promotes the concept of tree-house community (Chinese version only)
Growing underground: Global green revolution (Chinese version only)
Moroccan bridge lit in LED lighting, energy efficiency reaches 75% (Chinese version only)
Multi-purpose solar umbrella (Chinese version only)
UK's First food waste supermarket (Chinese version only)
Oysters with beds made from recycled toilets installed in Jamaica Bay to prevent storm surge(Chinese version only)
Transforming plastic waste into bricks for buildings helps low income people in Pakistan (Chinese version only)
Combining technology and plant: "City Tree" that could purify air (Chinese version only)