Inno Teams

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Worm Bin Man Team
Earthworms can consume food waste of up to 50% -- 100% of their body weight every day. Their manure, nicknamed 'black gold', is a natural and rich fertilizer for plants. The Worm Bin Man Team hopes to mitigate Hong Kong's food waste problem by promoting vermicomposting, a waste reduction and composting method suitable for the urban environment.
GoodRun Team
The GoodRun Team hopes to set up a mobile app which can both motivate the public to do more exercising and encourage business corporations to make contributions to our environment. The team wishes to further develop the app into an air quality sensor to allow greater public participation in monitoring the air quality of our city.
Upcycling Team
Surplus resource is a major concern to the Upcycling Team and it hopes to extend the life cycle of useful resources through upcycling to reduce city waste. The team's vision is to operate upcycling workshops and green souvenir shops, offering a unique, one-stop and affordable solution to green consumers. It also hopes to help supporting organisations build up a good CSR image.
Solar Living Team
The Solar Living Team hopes to open a new market for renewable energy in Hong Kong and contribute to the development and enhancement of renewable energy in our city. The promotion of solar chargers is the team's pilot project and it hopes to build a more comfortable and relaxed living environment for everyone in Hong Kong.