Inno Teams

The 4 InnoTeams incubated by JC COIL Cycle 2 have participated in the "Zero Carbon Pitch” on 7th April 2018. To find out more about them and the progress of their projects, please stay-tuned with our Facebook updates.


(Phase II: Cycle 2)
WeFill aims to provide convenient and caring “Zero Waste Daily Essential Kits” to shared-flat or hostel residents. Its project idea was tested at a university dormitory and the co-living space “Bibliotheque”.
The WeFill team won the “Best of InnoTeam Award” and the “Best Climate Innovation Award” in the Zero Carbon Pitch organized by COIL.
(Phase II: Cycle 2)
Utentials aims to provide utensils renting services to restaurants in malls, with a view to reduce the use of disposable utensils. When the team tested its project idea at Kwai Chung Plaza by setting up a rental service station there, it attracted great media attention.
The Utentials team won the “Audience Popularity Award” in the Zero Carbon Pitch organized by COIL.
How Gaming saves the Earth
(Phase II: Cycle 2)
How Gaming saves the Earth wishes to raise environmental awareness through specially designed board games. They plan to launch a board game that teaches children to treasure food and lead them to reflect on the resource issue.
(Phase 2: Cycle 2)
Plantogether targets to co-create high quality planting services with schools and educate the younger generation about recycling. They plan to sell compost products made of recycled food waste, and provide green campus services to schools.