Plant based textiles extracted from new bio-refineries reduce white pollution
Waste Reduction

There is hope yet for sustainable fashion – U.S. based material science company Circular Systems S.P.C. develops new tech to convert agricultural wastes into clothing fiber.

The impact of fast fashion on the environment is receiving more attention and awareness as of late. To cut costs, clothing brands use a great deal of synthetics such as polyester fibers, and nylon; roughly 65% of the fibers used in the garment industry are synthetic. Due to fast paced, shop-and-drop nature of fashion, many non-degradable articles of clothing are quickly discarded and become "white pollution", which places a huge strain on our environment.

While green NGOs and businesses called for consumers to be mindful of fast fashion brands and consider sustainable alternatives, Circular Systems S.P.C. is doing their part with existing scientific research and technological development. With their newly unveiled Agraloop Bio-Refinery, natural fibers are extracted from a plethora of agricultural wastes such as stalks from hemp, banana, and flax, as well as pineapple leaves and cane bagasse, which can then be sent to the weavers. The environmental benefits arise not only from reduced reliance on synthetics, but also the fact that such wastes would have otherwise ended up in landfills or incineration plants, either of which would have left more carbon emissions in our environment.

Circular Systems CEO and co-founder Isaac Nichelson claims the Agraloop technology is set to produce 250 million tons of fiber per year – more than twice the total global fiber demand. Nichelson states: “[It is a] regenerative system [for] enriching the local communities and creating a new economic system… All of our industries need to be retrofitted for real sustainability and become regenerative by nature, and it will be better for business.” Ultimately, he explains, the shift towards sustainability benefits both industries and the environment.

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