The world's first biodegradable pregnancy test
Waste Reduction

In daily life, we often overlook the pollution caused by disposable items, a lot of garbage is produced unconsciously by this way. But there are so many disposable items which could not be easily recycled. So, are we just simply keep generating garbage continuously? Don't worry. There is technology which could help mitigate this situation.

An American company has developed the world’s first biodegradable and flushable pregnancy test. The plastic pregnancy tests “are only used for a few minutes, but they are made out of things that are not sustainable,” says Lia cofounder Bethany Edwards. Comparing to traditional pregnancy test, Lia just uses the same amount of material as six squares of three-ply toilet paper and no plastic, electronic displays and mini batteries inside. This new pregnancy test can reduce nearly 2 million pounds of plastic and electronic waste that ends up in landfills each year as well as the carbon footprint of traditional pregnancy tests.

The new pregnancy test Lia works the same way as a traditional test and offers 99% accuracy results. Lia is thin enough to go into an envelope and can be placed in a back pocket to maintain your privacy. Moreover, Lia has special perforations to make the test disintegrates in water easily when flushing, even better than toilet paper. Lia biodegrades completely in soil in just 10 weeks and becomes compost.

“Pregnancy is personal,” says Bethany Edwards. “We give women control in a discreet, sanitary, and better-for-the-environment way.” This company plans to produce other test products, which are eco-friendly and biodegradable to reduce plastic waste. And Lia will be available in stores in this summer.