MIWA: A new “precycling” system to MInimize WAste
Waste Reduction

Many products in the market have been packaged with fixed amount of the goods. Sometimes, we can't buy the amount of goods that exactly meet our needs. If you buy too much, it might cause waste. However, if you buy less, you will not get enough. A team from the Czech Republic launched a new "precycling" system that allows consumers to order goods with flexibility so as to help reduce waste.

According to MIWA, their system could fit in shops of any size and could work simply. First, food producers package their products in reusable containers and deliver them to stores. And then, the products are placed into specially designed racks in the store, with labels showing product information. Customers can use MIWA mobile phone app to scan each product that they want to buy, then order the amount they need and choose how the goods are to be packed. Customers can choose to pack the goods with their own containers, or biodegradable or returnable containers provided. Payment is done through the app and the products can be picked up when they leave the market.

MIWA’s system prevents waste before customers buy the goods, rather than dealing with it after the waste has been made. It allows customers to reduce waste and act in a more sustainable way. For food producers, this saves costs because of cutting down on plastic and paper packaging. For shops, this practices social responsibility and they can obtain data to analyze customer shopping behavior. Therefore, MIWA is a system that benefits to all stakeholders.