Canadian company unveils foot powered washing machine

To mitigate the catastrophic effects of climate change, a credible first step for societies is to reduce our energy consumption. For the average Joe, developing habits of household energy saving might seem simple, but may in fact be quite impactful in the long run. While checking to see if appliances are switched off when not in use is certainly one way, switching to eco-friendly, energy saving appliances works fairly well too.

Perhaps one of the most power hungry of appliances is the washing machine, which requires a good deal of electricity and water to run. The Canadian home appliances company Yirego, aims to provide a solution. The company recently launched a foot-powered washing machine they named “Drumi”, which relies solely on your steps to keep running. Drumi holds 6-12 liters of water and is capable of washing five pounds of clothing in only five minutes. This includes two minutes of cleaning, two minutes of flushing and 30 seconds of rinsing. Drumi also provides a built-in roller for brushing the interior of the machine to keep it clean after use. With its small form factor and light weight, and can be lifted with one hand and is convenient for transport and storage. According to Yirego, Drumi uses less water than any other washing machines on the market, taking the least of tolls on the environment and economy. The product was designed with residents of small apartments and mobile homes in mind.

As a newly unveiled product, consumers might well be hesitant and hold a wait-and-see attitude. Regardless of their choice in the end, Yirego has sent out a positive message for all: when buying electrical appliances, always consider energy efficiency. According to the classification of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, electrical appliances with the "first-grade" energy labels have the highest efficiency.