Can eating insects solve the global food crisis?
Climate Adaptation

In recent years, the consumption of pet food has grown rapidly, which accounts for 20% of meat products. In order to solve the problem, a food company, Yora Pet Foods, is attempting to add insects into dog food. Comparing with beef farming, grubs consume only 2% of the land and 6% of the water to produce one kilogram of protein. Actually, in 2018, a big British supermarket Sainsbury's started selling similar insect foods and launched a product series named Eat Grub.


Eating insects isn’t that horrible, actually, over two billion people make it as part of their diet. Scientists believe that eating insects can mitigate world hunger problem and reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, eating insects like crickets or grasshoppers could benefit health because they offer higher nutrients than beef, including copper, calcium and magnesium.


By 2050, the human population is expected to reach 9.7 billion which means we will need to double the amount of food production as of now. The massive amount of insects in nature could solve this problem. There are some emerging companies from the Netherlands, South Africa and Kenya putting effort into developing this industry. It is believed that various insect food products will be available on the global market soon.