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JC COIL Support Carbon Innovative Proposals Worm Bin Man Received 52,500 Kickstart Fund

(19th August 2017, Hong Kong) Since the US under the Trump administration withdrew from the Paris Agreement, all other signatory countries are joining force and working even harder to combat climate change. In order to gather more organizations and people targeting on sustainability, CarbonCare InnoLab received more than ten million Hong Kong dollars fund from Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to kick-start Phase II of “CarbonCare Open Innovation Lab” (JC COIL), incubating ambitious “Inno Teams”, hoping more green seeds to sprout in Hong Kong.

On 19th August, JC COIL organized “Zero Carbon Pitch 2017”, allowing Hong Kong people to develop green innovative ideas. Among these teams, “Worm Bin Man” and “Recipio” won Best of InnoTeams Group Award with HK$50,000 prize money and Best of Open Group with HK$40,000 prize money respectively, which helps them to turn ideas into action and realize their low carbon dreams.

“Worm Bin Man” hopes to promote vermicomposting, solving food waste problems by a natural way. The judges thought their plan was able to raise users’ interest to buy and use their products. The founders of Recipio wish to promote their digital receipt platform, thereby reducing the usage of paper receipt.

In this event, teams from“Open group” and “Inno Team”, a total of eight teams, compete for four prizes. The“Inno Teams”have received coaching from JC COIL in the past six months. These four teams have different themes: “Solar Living” promotes reusable energy, hoping to make good use of social resources by co-using of solar energy products. The mission of“Good Run”, a team that promotes “active living”, is to push corporates to encourage their employee to do more exercise through a smart watch game, investing in low carbon reduction projects together. “Worm Bin Man” hopes to promote vermicomposting, solving food waste problems by a natural way. “Upcycling” make use of the idea of eco-souvenir, hoping to help corporate to boost their image and help people in need.

“Zero Carbon Pitch 2017”also accept qualifying teams to join as “Open Group”, co-creating a zero carbon future of Hong Kong. The four short-listed teams are: “Recipio” which promote digital receipt plastform, “We Use”which provide tableware renting and washing services, “Jik Jik Team” which promote using recycled materials to perform eco-education and art creations, and “Green Acts”which connects green retailers and consumers in order to promote eco consumption.

The Innoteam“Good Run”won the Best Climate Innovation Award, receiving HK$20,000 funding. The judge panel appreciate them for combining product and lifestyle, bringing behavior change. The Audience Popularity Award, determined by audience voting, was shared by Inno Team “Worm Bin Man” and Open Group “Green Acts”. They are going to share the HK$5000 fund.

The professional judging panel of the competition are Professor Helen Liu from Department of Politics and Public Administration in The University of Hong Kong; Ms Eugenia Lo, CEO of SOW Asia; and Ms Ada Yip, Director of Hong Kong institute of Social Impact Analysts. Ms Puifung Leung, Director of Fundraising for Oxfam Hong Kong; Ms Patsy Cheng, founder of SEE Network; Ms Allison Chan, Co-founder of GreenPrice and Mr Alex Cheng, a serial entrepreneur and Co-founder of CatalystBuilder, shared themes including green startups and social innovations with the audience, which are beneficial to the teams and audience.