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Hack 4 Sustainability

Nowadays, technology is becoming an invaluable part of our society in solving climate change. With a severing situation, the urge to seek for different ways to solve climatic dilemmas accelerates. Thus, JC COIL partnered with the public to brainstorm on new technological ways to live sustainably.

Hack 4 Sustainability was held on 26 January 2019 at Microsoft Hong Kong Office, which is one of the activities of the CarbonCare InnoFest. The main aim for this event is to provide a stage for innovative low-carbon ideas to thrive and grow into feasible plans in the future. The activity attracted over 50 participants with endeavor to contribute their thoughts, in which they were guided and lead by Mr Chong Chan Yau, Co-founder and Advisor of CarbonCare InnoLab; Ms Lilian Wang and Ms Candice Lam from the International Association of Facilitators Hong Kong (IAFHK)

Under the five main themes of this occasion: (1)Food (2)Living (3)Energy (4)Mobility/Transport (5)Natural Disaster, participants were first asked to recall and share personal experience or stories regarding climate change. Teams were then formed based on attendants’ interest in the above topics. Groups thus discussed climatic issues and problems that occur around the world. After coming up with a major stakeholder that is affected by the situations, an empathy map was used such that members could put themselves in others’ shoes and come up with a problem statement on how to solve the key issue.  Groups exchanged their problem statements with one another and refined their ideas.

After lunch, groups started to brainstorm designs and solutions on how information technology could solve the earlier defined dilemma. As a starting stage, each person was asked to come up with 10 thoughts such that all the contributions could be combined to form their final solution for prototyping. With interesting ideas in mind, groups created concept models and presentation tools for interpretations. A pitching session of 3 minutes per group was carried out smoothly with brilliant ideas introduced.

Among all, three groups were chosen with most outstanding ideas. A team proposed an app that provides information of commodities after scanning the bar codes and encourage waste recycling through a point rebate system. Another idea that is related to apps is about analyzing transportation information, providing the fastest route for citizens and motivate working in the area of their residence. The third winning team suggested a system to collect residential heat energy and provide suggestions for the residents on their energy using habits. Other interesting ideas such as a machine to transform methane and carbon dioxide in the air into diamonds. Or an amazing thought called Happy Sharing App that provides a platform for citizens to trade or sell excess or close-to-expired groceries.

Our special guests: Mr Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor (Information Technology); and Ir Lee Chi Ming, Board Chairman of CarbonCare InnoLab (CCIL) presented the awards for the winning teams and encouraged our participants to keep going forward with their designs and discover the potentials of the prototypes.

Before the end of the event, the meaningful JCCOIL Cycle 4 incubation program was introduced to our participants. Four to five teams are hoped to be formed from our activities for a 6 months training session on startup, team building technique, etc. Thus, preparing themselves for the final pitch in which winners would be awarded with a kick-start fund. Hopefully our participants gained mind-opening inspirations from our Hack 4 Sustainability and continue to implement the ideas into reality! This event is organised with the principal of carbon footprint management and the unavoidable carbon emission was offset by carbon credit, which inspired participants to reflect on their daily carbon footprint generation.

Please visit for the recap of interesting ideas from the groups that day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9T4NaZ7qmA