Before the Flood Screening and Discussion
13th January 2019 (Sun) 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hunghom, Kowloon
Moderator: Mr Stephen Chan; Guest: Dr Eddy Lee Wai-choi, Mr Alan Cheung, Mr Chong Chan Yau
English, with Chinese subtitles | Film Discussion: Cantonese


 Before the Flood is a documentary featuring and produced by Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. We wish the film could bring audience to reflect on their relationship with climate change and take immediate action. 

The film shows what Leonardo DiCaprio saw and heard when he travels around the world in order to understand firsthand about Climate Change, talking with former president Obama, Pope Francis, Tesla’s CEO Elton Musk, NASA researchers, scientists and environmental activists. The film touches on topics like disaster prevention, energy choice, climate justices, ecology conservation, climate skepticism, etc. Audience could understand climate change from different angles, and ways to tackle the challenges.

Film Information: 洪水來臨前Before the Flood | 2016 年 | 96分鐘 | 導演︰菲沙.史提芬斯Fisher Stevens | 執行監製Executive Producer︰馬田.史高西斯Martin Scorsese | 監製及主持Producer and Narrator︰里安納度.狄卡比奧Leonardo DiCaprio

For years, DiCaprio has deep concerns on environmental issues. He often participates in conservation and climate change events, and has set up a foundation to fund related projects. DiCaprio was appointed U.N. Messenger of Peace (Climate Change) in 2014. Despite certain doubts from the society, he continues to dedicate himself to raising public awareness on the impacts of climate change and uses his influence to encourage people to join hands in tackling climate challenges.

The film was directed by Oscar-winning producer Fisher Stevens, with famous director Martin Scorsese as the executive producer. The film has not been publicly released in Hong Kong.This event gives the public a chance to enjoy the film on big screen, as well as to join in the discussions about what we can all do to help mitigate climate change.

Moderator profile:


Stephen Chan, famous host of radio and television programmes. He has participated in many popular and highly appreciated shows, including Hong Kong ConnectionOn the Road and Be My Guest. Stephen is concerned about climate change. He  once   travelled   to  Iceland and Greenland for the filming of the documentary Vanishing Glacier, which aims to increase public awareness  on  environmental protection. He was also the narrator for an environmental film Home. He was awarded  National  Character Environmental Achievement Award in 2009.

Guest profile:


Dr  Eddy Lee Wai- choi, Co-founder of 350HK, famous science writer, former assistant curator at the Hong Kong Space Museum and senior scientific officer at the Hong Kong Government Observatory. He is now active in the Education and environmental sectors. He was selected as one of the awardees of The Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection in 1985 for his contribution  in  science education. He was aware of global warming back in  1980s  and has been working hard on raising awareness of climate issues in Hong Kong over the past decade. His book "Waking Up 69 Billion Frog - Disclosing Inside Information of Global Warming ", published in 2011, is one of the earliest books about climate change published in Hong Kong.

Alan Cheung, Chairman of Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum and Chairman & Managing Director of Grandion Industrial Ltd, is one of the outstanding entrepreneurs who combines creativity and business acumen in his pursuit of social innovation. He started TML (To Make Locally), an innovative industrial project. He employs elderly workers, supports young designers, and provide them with the opportunity to share and retain the traditional wisdom of the apparel industry, creating shared value. Alan also works closely with social enterprises and NGOs in encouraging and supporting passionate social innovators to build social capital for the community. He was elected as the Asia Pacific Outstanding Entrepreneur in 2012.


Chong Chan Yau,Co-founder and Advisor of CarbonCare InnoLab. Mr. Chong is Chairman of the "Dialogue in the Dark" Foundation, and Chairman of the Hong Kong People's Council on Sustainable Development and Chairman of EL Education. Mr. Chong is active in promoting civil society in Hong Kong. He is Vice-Chairman of The Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities and President of the Hong Kong Blind Union.

In response to today's climate change and sustainability challenges, he co-founded CarbonCare InnoLab (CCIL), an independent non-government organisation dedicated to the nurturing and development of innovative solutions in 2015 with Ir Albert Lai.  

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