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JC COIL has incubated five InnoTeams since our program launch. Check out what are they passionate about and hear what they say!


Eco-Riders HK
A bike-friendly city benefits all

Eco-Riders HK have launched a bike rental system to encourage more working people to cycle to work. Eco-Riders HK won the Best InnoTeam Award and the Audience Popularity Award in Zero Carbon Pitch 2016, organized by COIL.

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My Trees My City
Engaging school students to value and protect trees

The objective of My Trees My City is to create a bond between trees and community. It aims to engage school students in tree surveys and its vision is to build a Hong Kong Tree Map. My Trees My City won the Best Climate Innovation Award in Zero Carbon Pitch 2016.

Farmunion City
Utilizes idle space to develop urban farming

Farmunion City aims at fully utilizing idle space (e.g.rooftops and terraces) in Hong Kong for urban farming. It hopes to reduce the carbon emissions of transportation incurred by imported vegetables by encouraging the public to grow edible food.
Green Co-living
Practises green-living values through co-living

Green Co-living aims at promoting sustainable living in Hong Kong. By providing a green co-living space with a network of green devices and green house rules, the team matches up like-minded tenants and helps them to practise green living.

Hear what our Alumni say ….
Kit Yeung
founding member of My Tree My City
"The Inno Team "My Tree My City" was founded in September 2015. It aims to build a public participation platform and launch a citizen science plan to promote tree conservation within communities. JC COIL has provided generous hardware and software support to our team, which included a passionate and dedicated "team nanny", coaching and high-impact meetings conducted by "Education for Good". What benefited us most were the inspirational exchanges with other Inno Teams, as well as the low carbon innovative social network made possible by COIL."
founding member of Eco-Riders HK
"Cycling is an efficient means to help reduce carbon emissions, and cycling is also good for your emotional and physical health. "Eco-Riders HK" was founded in 2015. Thanks to the all-embracing support, inspiration, stimulation and help from JC COIL, we were able to develop the prototype of a bike rental system . With the kick-start fund we got from the Zero Carbon Pitch, we have already started our bike rental program, and planning to start a cycling school to let more citizens learn how to cycle in our city. Our team aims to encourage Hong Kong citizens to consider cycling as an alternative means of transport, thereby building a cycling community that could strengthen community cohesion, and turn Hong Kong into a bike friendly city."
Mark Mak
founding member of Farmunion City, now working in a non-profit organization
"Before I knew it, I have joined the rooftop farming team "Farmunion City" for more than a year. When I first attended the JC COIL talk, I just wished to learn something out of it. Then I joined this Inno Team. It's all by chance. COIL has provided a good platform for like-minded people to meet and know one another. As time goes by, our team members work closer together and learn from one another. Through COIL, we also received training and guidance provided by "Education for Good" and our team has grown rapidly. We will soon reach another important milestone. Therefore, I am glad that I have joined this Inno Team, which allows me to learn a lot and to contribute to our Planet Earth."